This piece, entitled “Memory: Fairmount Park,” seeks to reveal the latent history of the park. There were six houses that occupied the block and were removed to create the park in 1990, shortly before the historic district was formed. The residences were an integral part of Fairmount, and can be seen in historic aerial photos and fire insurance maps for 75 years prior to their demolition. The only evidence of the homes on site today is a couple rusted pipes that peak through the soil.

“Memory: Fairmount Park” is a visual reference to the historic neighborhood fabric. The addresses of the demolished houses are demarcated along 5th and Henderson. Along Henderson, sculptural stepped tables are located were the steps and porches of the three houses once stood. It re-establishes a gathering space for neighbors and visitors. Basalt gravel paths reveal the absence of walks that approached the houses. Tree canopies provide shade, where once broad porches protected residents and guests. The three trees provide different color throughout the seasons to honor the individual character of the houses, once part of Fairmount.

The Fairmount Neighborhood Association was awarded a public art project through Community ID: Public Art in Neighborhoods (CID), an initiative of Fort Worth Public Art (FWPA) that provides an opportunity for community groups to nominate city-owned sites for public art projects.
Fort Worth Public Art, a program of the City of Fort Worth, is administered by the Arts Council of Fort Worth & Tarrant County. For more information visit: